A special article for ladies, because it is very difficult to find nice lingerie without looking like a grandmother. But of course, this article will be useful for your men that want to treat you right.


Dotty Summer

This Instagram account sells lingerie and pyjamas. You will find small size but also big size (medium and large). Their bras are A, B and C size.  The set of lingerie bottom and top is about 280,000 VND. The inconvenient is that they dont sell separately, the bottom goes with the top. You can order via Viber, SMS or Imessage. They also have another Instagram account for swimsuit named Dotty Summer Swimsuit but if you need more shops where to buy swimsuits, check our article. You can also visit their boutique on 42 Cao Thang in district 3.



This Instagram account sells lingerie for small bust only, (36 is their biggest size unfortunately). But they have S, M and L for bottom. Tops go from 210,000 to 260,000 VND and panties are from 100,000 VND.

If you wish, you can visit their shop on 124/4 Cao Thang Street in District 3. You can contact them via Viber.

3 Instagram account to follow to buy your lingerie in Saigon



This Instagram account sells underwear and sleepwear. The set top and bottom cost roughly 290,000 VND. You will find very sexy lingerie to make your man very happy. The panties in lace are around 80,000 – 100,000 VND. You can visit their shop on 14 Ton That Dam in district 1 (3rd floor) or contact them via Viber or Zalo.


If you are not convinced about buying via Instagram, you can also check online shopping websites to buy lingerie! Leflair often has underwear’s sales.