To decorate your own kitchen or for your new bar-restaurant, there are many places where to find dishes. However, if you are looking for some cool places at affordable price, check the list below.

Anko Casa

This shop is located in a small alley in district 10. The address is 392/5 Cao Thang street. It is the Ali Baba’s cave for dishes in Saigon, from ground to ceiling it is covered of all kind of dishes. You will need to be patience because there is a lot to see, and it is pretty hard to find, even the staff is here to assist you, but it really worth it

On Nguyen Phuc Nguyen street

This street located in district 10, not far from Saigon train station, is specialised in kitchen tools. They mainly provide hotels, bars and restaurants, so if you need big quantity, this is definitely where you should go. They have all kind of plates, cutlery, glasses and so on. There are many shops next to each other, start from the number 96 Nguyen Phuc Nguyen.