Something great about Saigon, it is that this is the perfect to travel from. There are so many destinations you can travel to, without spending too much money thank to low cost companies. So if you need a perfect change of landscape, breath fresh air again or just because you are dreaming of discovering Chiang Mai, this is where you should go.


Located in the mountains, Veranda High Resort Chiang Mai is a breathless place. This is the perfect resort where to spend your time if you need to chill out and want to combine sport and visits of the temples. The place is just a concentrate of trees and greenery. You feel the quietness in every single part of the resort. The reception and the restaurant that opens for dinner are on the bottom of the hill. Rooms, facilities and restaurant for breakfast and lunch are on the top on the hill.



The hotel offers huge rooms, bigger than most of the room in Chiang Mai. With an immense bed, the room has a terrace facing a replica of the old fortress wall in Chiang Mai. Inside the room, you have a desk to work from and a sofa where you can relax and read. The bathroom can be opened to the bedroom or closed if you need some intimacy. It has a shower with a bench and a huge bath in marble. The room also has a dressing room where you can put all your stuff and get prepared, and also a dressing table where you can make up and so on.



With an infinity pool, this is what makes this resort unique. You could stay forever looking at this view. In the morning, you can already enjoy the beautiful sun. They have deckchairs and huge round beds to lie down. You can order food and drink from the restaurant until 4PM.

The relaxing area is an hidden place where you can chill out and quietly read your book. Follow the sign that indicates Spa reception. When the spa reception will be indicated on your left hand side, you will go straight and take the first on your right. You will find two sofas on each side where you can enjoy the sun and the quietude. Not many guests know this place because it is not indicated.

The hotel has a gym opened from 7AM with activities to attend everyday. You can join pilates or abdomen class. They have mountain bikes at disposal and will charge you 100 BATH for 2 hours. They also can provide you a guide to go around the different temples around with the bike. But if you want to be flexible and are brave enough, just ask the map and go around by yourself. The road is pretty tough, up and down. It is a good exercice and is enjoyable to see beautiful landscape, greenery and breath fresh air.


You can go for around about to see all the temples around the resort. See the itinerary suggested below.

You can start to visit the temple Wat Ban Pong which is the closest one.

Then, if you go behind this temple, you will find stairs that lead you to another temple named Phrathat Ban Pong.

After visiting this temple, it is where the tough thing starts. Grab your bike and ride very up and very down. Basically, you will go through the mountain and will be surrounding by trees, to get to the third temple named Phra That Doi.


Then, either you go on with the last temple or you can go back to the resort by riding along the mountain (ride along the green colour on the google maps).


Finally, if you got enough of the mountain, you can explore the city by discovering Aruntara Riverside Boutique Hotel and ideas of what to do around there.


Look for your ticket flight through Vietjet. Usually, for international flight, they have much less delay. If you book enough in advance, you can get your ticket for roughly 2 million VND.