Nha Trang is truly one of the best place to enjoy the sea in Vietnam. White sand, water crystal clear and excellent seafood, Nha Trang is definitely the watering-place to go if you want to relax at day and party up at night.


Run away from all this touristic tours where you are on a boat with 20 people and going around all the island. You better book a private boat. Indeed, it is more expensive but it is so much better to be free to go around the islands on your own.

How to book?

You can book a private book from any hotel or travel agency in the city. It is very easy. They will offer you to go around 4 different places. You will visit each of them but wont be able to go back and forth the islands.

They come to pick you up at 9 am so you will arrive at the harbour of Nha Trang by 9.30 am and hop on a nice 6 seats boat.

What you will see?

First, you will stop at the beach where the entrance is 10,000 VND. Apparently, there is an aquarium there.

Then, you will stop nearby another island to do snorkelling and they have the mask and tuba at disposal.

After that, you will stop at the island named “Mini Beach”, it is just so beautiful, water is crystal clear and the beach not crowded at all (because no touristic boats stop here). It is a small beach with a restaurant and they also offer water sports such as banana boat, jet ski and para sailing (single and double for around 900,000 VND/round). They have deck chairs at disposal.

Make sure you have spent enough time at the mini beach because you will have only one last stop and then they will drive you back to the city even if it is not the end of the day.

The last stop is at the fishing village where you can grab some boozes and fresh sea food. To go around the fishing village, you get on from boat to boat and pick up whatever you would like to have and they will prepare it for you. You will normally end up the day around 5PM.

What to do at night?

To party up, you can either go to Sailing club which is on the beach or at the Skylight which is the rooftop of Best Western Premier Hotel. The entrance fee is around 100,000-150,000 VND with one drink (selected item).

Fishing Village in Nha Trang

Fishing Village in Nha Trang

Fishing Village in Nha Trang

Fishing Village in Nha Trang

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