The perfect place for a weekend getaway in Can Tho is here. Azerai is one of the best hotels in Mekong delta, the best hotel in Can Tho. This is a real piece of heaven, a total luxury experience for a relaxing weekend escape from Saigon busy city.

How to get there:

By bus: This is the cheapest way to get there. From HCMC to Can Tho, the better way is to get a taxi from your place to the Futa bus station in An Lac, Binh Tan, because anyway all buses leave from there. It is quite a long way, 45 min if you leave from district 2. A bus to Can Tho leaves every 30 minutes, the ticket costs 120,000 VND one way and no need to book in advance. Depending on the time you leave from Saigon, you can take only 3 hours to get to Can Tho bus station. From the bus station, you can take a cab that will drop you to Azerai’s pier, and it will cost you roughly 100,000 VND. If you decide to leave the hotel, early in the afternoon to reach Saigon back, you also don’t need to book in advance as several buses leave at the same time from Can Tho bus station.

By flight: If you come from Hanoi or Danang, you can book a direct flight to Can Tho on

By car: You can book a private car with driver for roughly 2,700,000 VND one way.

At arrival:

Azerai is located on a small island, you get there by boat only and this is what makes the place so unique. When you arrive to Azerai’s pier, it is right next to Victoria Hotel but there is nothing compared.

First, you check in at the Pavillon, while you wait for the boat with a welcome drink and a wet towel to refresh.

When you are ready, you will hop on a small luxury speed boat to get to Azerai hotel. At the moment you enter into the harbour of Azerai, this is breathtaking. It is all so quiet and green, with big beautiful trees all over the place. The staff is here to welcome you and escort you to the reception. The reception is very bright, as well as the restaurants and other facilities and rooms. At the reception, you will get a warm welcome by the general manager, Ms. Susan. Her staff will introduce you, not only to the hotel but also your schedule during your stay, if you have booked a tour or a spa treatment in advance.

The place is simply a heaven on earth. Forget about the busy Saigon, the motorbikes and traffic jam, here is all peace and green, with the boats on the Mekong river as a background sound. You can ride any bicycle at your disposal to go around the place, or you can have a long walk to discover everything Azerai has to offer to its every single special guests. Staying at Azerai is about harmony with nature, all rooms are either along the lake or along the river. The lake is pretty big with some small boats, and you can hear and see ducks playing around. If your room is facing the Mekong river, you can hear and see boats flying on the river, this is so nice and romantic.

Right at the center of Azerai, you will find an amazing pool, right next to the lake, the restaurant and the bar. You can enjoy a breakfast, lunch, diner or even cocktail, by the pool. The swimming pool is long enough for you to do some laps and has sunshine all day long. For kids, there is another smaller pool which it is not too deep for your kids to safely play. In any case, there is a lifeguard to secure the swimming pool areas.

The facilities


Beside the 2 swimming pools (one infinity and one for kids), there is a gym facing the river with the top machines you could expect. It is very high technology, you can do some personalised trainings or connect your phone via bluetooth to listen to music or watch videos. You have water and towels at disposal in case you need. And you also have the telephone to reach out to the reception, so don’t forget to ask the Spa to turn on the Hammam and Sauna for you before going there as it needs some time to reach the right temperature. You will feel so good after an intense sport session.


The pilates room is right next to the gym, you can be at least 4 people doing pilates at the same time so it is great if you are a group of friends.


The tennis court is also right next to the gym, facing the river. It is an outdoor court and it is pretty nice to play early morning. In case, you are all alone during your stay, and need a partner either to play or to train you, Azerai has a private tennis teacher at your disposal, but you need to book in advance.


The Spa provides an excellent service. You can book an Indian head massage for roughly 1,100,000 VND and other body treatment like body scrub or body wrap for roughly 900,000 VND. At the Spa reception, whenever you book a treatment, they will ask you to fill in a form to better understand your need and expectations. For example, if you are stressed, or if you smoke and drink a lot recently, how strong you would like your massage to be, and so on. You will also enjoy an exquisite ginger tea and a fresh towel before starting your treatment. After your treatment, you can ask to enjoy the sauna and the hammam. They just have the best facilities ever, with 3 kind of showers: the regular one, the water jets with hot and cold water, and the bucket with cold water. After you get out of the sauna, you can grab some ice to refresh your skin, before getting inside the hammam. You can use the toiletries at your disposal like the lotion cream and the bathrobe to get back to your room.

The spa has Yoga classes on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9AM, you should not miss.

The room

All rooms have a lake, garden or river view, as well as their own terrace with a small divan . The rooms have large windows so the sun comes in and it is all very bright. You can easily control the blinds with a remote, it is very convenient. There is a huge comfy bed facing the river view so, every morning when you wake up, you see this all-green view and you feel so good and happy. On the side on the room, you have a big TV hung up on the wall with all local and international channels.

At your arrival in room, the hotel will have set some fresh fruit, and you can also enjoy drinks and snacks from the minibar. They have Marou chocolate which is a delicate sweetness, as well as complimentary water, coffee and tea.

The breakfast as well as lunch, can be enjoyed in room. It feels so good to have breakfast early morning on your terrace, you can hear the small boats moving and enjoy the quietness of the place, before heading to Yoga class at 9AM.

The room is from $250 per night for the garden view, $300 for the lake view and $350 for the river view. Book your perfect weekend getaway in Can Tho now here.

Around Can Tho city

The hotel collaborates with Can Tho River Tour which offers an exclusive and customised tour for guests from Azerai only. So if you stay only for the weekend or few days, and you want to have enough time to enjoy the facilities of the hotel, but also have the chance to discover the city of Can Tho, you should book the half day tour from Can Tho River Tour. Simply ask the reception to book it for you, they will take care of everything, from the wake-up call to the breakfast boxes. You can either book the morning or the afternoon tour, but the morning is much better because you kind of avoid all the crowd, even Can Tho River Tour has designed this tour to be more unique and exclusive.

You can wake up at 6AM, get prepared and enjoy a coffee in room, before heading to the reception at 6.50AM where the boat will be ready to drop you at the pier where a private car and the tour guide will be waiting for you. You will start the tour by visiting a local noodle factory, where there are very few people visiting. You can give a try and help them to make some noodles, it is a very hard work and they are very brave. These people are doing the best noodles and have been supplying well-known Vietnamese restaurant in Saigon, but they are only pay a little money, $2 per kilo. There at the factory, you will enjoy a home-made crispy noodle dish, a home-made and creative recipe that you will eat only here. People from the factory are so smiley and friendly, it is so nice to meet this kind of people. After the factory, you will take a small boat and go on the Mekong river, go through the floating market where you can buy veggies and fruit, but also enjoy a coconut, soft drinks and coffee. Then, you will get to the fruit plantation, where you will see and learn more about fruit trees, and savour some fresh fruits right from the plantation, zero transportation, zero pesticide, 100% organic. You get back to the small boat to reach the cacao plantation that is only opened in the morning. The cacao plantation is one of the supplier of Marou. There, you can learn how they produce their own chocolate powder, savour a hot chocolate and buy it from here directly. The tour ends up after the last stop at one of the houses from the famous movie The Lover. It is a nice architecture with very ancient furniture. You can see pictures and notes from the movie director, it is very interesting.

Beside this tour, you have many more options, you can also do a food tour, depending on what you would like to discover and how long would you stay in Mekong Delta. However, Can Tho River Tour is definitely your best guide tour partner if you need to discover the city and around.

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Dining in Can Tho city

If you are looking for a romantic restaurant to have dinner, you can go to L’Escale. They have 2 floors, on the ground floor and on the 4th floor, so make sure you book your table at the top floor so you can have a nice view over the river. This is a French restaurant serving classic dishes. It is good value for money, acceptable but nothing compared to what you can have in Saigon of course.