Qui Nhon is not that popular among the expats’ community. When I have asked my local friends how does Qui Nhon look like, they have told me that Qui Nhon is just like Nha Trang but much more wild and not many tourists there, so I have given a try.

Qui Nhon is one hour flight from Saigon and because the city doesn’t attract many people yet, the number of flights are very limited, around 1 or 2 flights per day per company (Vietjet, Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar Pacific). A roundtrip ticket costs roughly 2,000,000 VND.

We arrived at Qui Nhon airport around 2.30 PM and discovered a tiny and old airport which is just a big room with on one side the departures and on the other side the arrivals. Lucky us, we booked the airport transportation from the hotel because AVANI is like an hour from the airport, it is a long way of roadworks until you go up to the hills and see a nice blue sea view. Inside the van, they have bottles of water, snacks and wet towels at disposal, as well as free wifi.

I believe AVANI is one of the best (and maybe the only one) luxury hotel in town. Located in the south of the city center, the night costs around 4,000,000 VND including breakfast. With a warm welcome, they invite you for check-in at their desk, introduce to you the facilities of the hotel, recap your booking, and while you enjoy a fresh and wet towel along with a glass of ginger lemongrass tea, they do a quick and relaxing massage.

weekend getaway qui nhon avani saigon

weekend getaway qui nhon avani saigon


All rooms are facing the sea and it is really relaxing to be cradling by the waves. We got the deluxe room which is around 30 meters square. The design is made that the bed and the desk face the sea so while you are working or waking up, you lose your mind in this breathless view. It is a comfy room with a big terrace with view on the private beach of the hotel. Every evening they come to your room to make your bed and put a “Good night” note. They have plenty of little attentions that make your stay unforgettable and it is really enjoyable.

weekend getaway qui nhon saigon


They have this promotion when you book 60min massage treatment, you get a complementary 30min foot or head massage. I booked a 60min massage and get a complimentary 30min body scrub (what I wanted to do at first). The service at the spa is really great, they welcome you with this delicious ginger and lemongrass tea and while enjoying your drink, they ask you to fill in a form to better understand how you feel and where they should and should not massage along with the appropriate pressure.

I started with a 15 min stream bath which is very cute because you sit on some big leafs. Then I started the body scrub with coffee and at the end, I had to take a shower in an outside one which was very nice because you feel free and close to the nature. The massage was really great, very professional staff that cares about every single details, and of course the environment makes the experience even more beautiful. The massage costs around 1,300,000 VND.


We got the chance to have a romantic dinner on the beach where we enjoy an amazing and tasty food. Apart from offering a way too expensive wine (for this kind of quality), all the experience was unforgettable. We have enjoyed a 6 courses menu and have been greeting by the executive chef while looking at a beautiful view of small lights on boats moored near the beach. DINER AT AVANI QUI NHON weekend getaway qui nhon saigonDINER AT AVANI QUI NHON



The hotel has a gym which is opened 24H. Next to the gym you have a huge playground room with a TV and game console, some big poofs to enjoy a read and play puzzles, a baby-foot and a ping pong table. At the lobby, you can play pool. They also have a nice swimming pool right next to their bar and a direct access to the private beach. Next to the restaurant, a small path give you access to the hill where you can enjoy a great view.

20 min in taxi from the hotel (taxi that you have to wait about another 20min) we have enjoyed the floating restaurants where you eat fresh seafood. We got prawns, scallops and crab for about 500k. We also had a small walk around (there is not much to see) and visited the local market next to the floating market. You can see that local people there are not used to see tourists by the way they look at you.

weekend getaway qui nhon avani saigon



FLOATING RESTAURANT AT QUI NHONweekend getaway qui nhon avani saigon

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