When you want to discover Chiang Mai, there are 2 parts: Mountains and the busy city center with the riverside. We have told you about Veranda High Resort located in the mountains, we are now telling you about Aruntara Riverside Boutique Hotel.

This resort is just a paradise on earth. Upon arrival, you will be seduce by the warm welcome and the attention to you; but also the atmosphere of being in a little heaven, and the decoration.

At the reception, they sell their own collection of candles and diffusers that are so cool and smell so good. After passing the reception, you will go through this door that drives you to the garden, the restaurant and the pool. Take your time to admire this beautiful view of the river.


Aruntara Riverside boutique hotel offers a spa service that are located on the ground floor, in the alley that drives you to the river garden.

The restaurant has an indoor and outdoor. It just feels so good to enjoy the grass under your feet while having food and drink.

The only things that are inconvenient are the swimming pool which is too small and in the shadow; But it is perfect if you are having kids along with you. The gym is also very small but it is so great to be able to keep doing sport while being on weekend.



The food is great and is good value for money. They offer traditional Thai food, burgers, steaks and so on. They have a wine list where you can order a bottle of Chenin Blanc for 1,600 BHT.

The breakfast buffet is also really great. They have a egg station where you can order Omelet, sunny side up, and so on. They have a salad station as well, hot dishes like has brown, cereals and yogurt, fresh juices, coffee and tea. You can either have your breakfast inside, or outside along side the river.


The room is just an immense beautiful place where you would like to live forever. Every single thing is just so nice that it is worth the price. The room as the whole hotel is decorated with excellent taste. The bed is comfy and somehow, hang on the ceiling. The room has a TV and sofa, a patio where you have a table and sofa chairs. The bathroom has a big bath, toilet and shower. The room also has a dressing corridor where you have a closet to hang your clothes and a safety box, and on the other side, you have the minibar with excellent coffee (not instant coffee but coffee filter), Ovomaltine and other teas.


Chiang Mai, which is only 2 hours from Saigon, is very dynamic. This city attracts many tourists and has plenty of activities to do. Indeed, you have the opportunity to visit many elephants camps. You will need to pay 3,200 BAHT to see the elephants in group and in the afternoon (in the morning is more expensive). The price includes the pick-up and drop-off at your hotel, feeding and riding the elephants. The activity lasts from 1.30 – 5PM. If you don’t ride the elephants, the price still remains the same. The prices can be slightly different from a camp to another camp.

At night, there are 2 things you should do: Go to the night market and watch the cabaret.

There are many markets: the night market, the Saturday market and the Sunday market.

The best thing to do is to go to the night market nearby Le Meridien. Basically, it is stalls on the street, at the intersection. You will see interesting things to buy as a souvenir. Then, if you walk on Chang Klan road, you will find an international food court named Ploen Ruedee. This place is really cool. There are food stalls all along from all over the world. You can get a fresh juice, steak, French fries, Gyoza, fresh oysters, Bao, Thai food, crepes, ice cream and many more. They have a nice live band performing that plays and sings all kind of music; A very talented one.

Ploen Ruedee night market

Then after having tried all kind of food, you can head to the cabaret. The show starts at 9.30PM but you need to buy your ticket in advance to book a table and be sure you get a good place at the front. The ticket office opens at 7PM and it is located inside the Anusarn Market. Just ask where is the cabaret, people will guide you. You will see some dancers already dressed up attracting people to join the show. If you join this show, be open-minded because it is a cabaret show with transexual people. It is really funny and its worth the 350 BAHT that includes a drink (beer or soft drink). Dancers make the show and interact with guests. It is really cool and a fabulous experience. It is nice to see this kind of activities in a small city like Chiang Mai.