Where to stay when traveling to Kampot?
We’ve found 2 hotels you must check out while visiting this area in Cambodia: The Green House and the Bamboo Bungalow


The Green House accommodation & restaurant


Located 8km outside of Kampot, on the banks of the Kampot river, the Green House is the perfect retreat destination

The Green House has 12 Bungalows, scarted in a beautifully designed garden, in front of the river.
You may choose from 4 type of bungalows, starting from 25$ for a garden view with double bed to a 35$ river front deluxe bungalow, or for the same price, a twin bungalow with two double beds.
Group bungalows are also available, with 2 bunk beds/bungalow for 45$.

Breakfast (not included in the room’s fee) includes a full english, Asian or French breakfast, cold pressed juices, croissants and your choice of coffee or tea.

The restaurant serves delicious fusion cuisine, all cooked with the local Kampot Pepper.
Don’t miss at trying their chocolate & petter cookie, it’s stunning!The hotel has an arranged deck and lounging area by the river to relax, read, and go for a swim. You can also hire a paddle board or canoe to explore the surrounding.

Do note that the Green House doesn’t accept children who are under 12 years of age.


Teuk Chhou Road, Kampot
T: 088 886 3071


Bamboo Bungalows


Right outside of town, on the river, are located aprox 20 bungalows.

3 bungalows are right on the river front, and you can jump in the river from your little patio. 3 more bungalows are under construction, and should be finished by december.

You also have double room bungalows with garden view, as well as bunkbed bungalows, with A/C or with fans.

The river front bungalows are 32$ while the other vary from 20 to 30$.

The price of the rooms doesn’t include breakfast, yet you have a restaurant serving great value for money western food, such as avocado toasts for 2$, the full english breakfast for 4.5$, and a bowl of muesli with yogourt & fruits for 2.5$.

A great place to stay!

Bamboo Bungalows

Tuek Chhou Rd, Kampot City, Kampot Province
T. (885)70 665766/ 12 665766