It’s the season! The rain has finally stopped, and with the lunar new year holidays aproaching, it’s the perfect opportunity to go on a road trip in and around Vietnam.

We’ve gathered for you a couple of tips to be fully prepared for a road trip.

# 1 : Don’t leave alone

As safe as it is to travel here on your bike, you never know what can happen (it could just be a flat tire in the middle of nowhere). It’s always safer to have two bikes as well, as you’ll be able to seek for help much faster

# 2 : Sunglasses and sunscream

Don’t overlook this one, the sun here hit’s quite hard! You generally don’t feel it as you’re in the wind, yet your skin is being

# 3 : Travel light

Keep all you electronics safe (the scenery is really photogenic yet theft ), and travel with the least garments and “stuff” possible. You’ll be carrying everything on your back, and it get’s heavy at the end of the day.

# 4 : Where things you don’t really care about

You’ll be traveling under the sun and at times on dusty roads or with a bunch of dirty trucks. Plus, you’ll be covered with sunscreen, and occasional sweat, which can cause irreversible stains on your garments. Don’t forget to take a scarf, to cover your neck and chest.

# 5 : Drink!!

Make sure to stop often to relax your legs and most importantly to drink. You might not feel it, but you’re body is roasting

# 6 : Check your root beforehand

Google maps can get you any itinerary you want, so think about downloading your maps in advance, so you are not stopping at every crossing to see where you are.
For amazing roadtrips ideas, you can check out this website, it’s a gold mine on itineraries and you can download the maps directly from the website

# 7 : Choose your partners and communicate before leaving

Not everyone has the same idea on road trips. Some like to stop every kilometers to chill, take photos, while others just enjoy rinding till they drop of exhaustion. Clarify this with your travel buddies before hitting the road, just to make sure you’re all on the same page

Ideas of where to go on a road trip with your bike

  • Hue to Hoi An: Check the itinerary in the article here

Tips on going on a road trip in and around Vietnam

  • Saigon to Kampot