To chill or to swim, you may look for “real” swimming pools. You also may think that it might be difficult to avoid the public swimming pool or to find a pool where you can actually really swim in.

In district 2

Swimming pool at Saigon Social Space

Saigon Social Space in district 2, is located in the newest and developing area. SSS is the coolest and trendiest place where to relax, swim, eat and work from. The daily pool pass is 180,000 VND per person, 120,000 VND for kids.

Van Thanh Park is a pool on Dien Bien Phu street, just before you cross the bridge to go to district 2. The size is average and quite deep, and the entrance is 50,000 VND.

Lan Art on 38 Xuan Thuy street. The entrance is free but the pool is small.

Saigon Kitchen on 7 Nguyen U Di street, you can use the pool for free and get food and drinks from the restaurant.

The Estella in An Phu, is a condominium that has a super huge but not deep swimming pool. Ideal if you are with kids. If you are not resident but guest, you will need to pay 100,000 VND to get the pass bracelet.

In Binh Thanh

Lan Anh Village is facing Saigon Pearl. The swimming pool is quite big and deep, along side the river, it’s quiet and you have an area with sand where you can really feel like on the beach. It is in Binh Thanh and the entrance is 100,000 VND on weekday and 200,000 VND on weekend. They also serve food and drinks, you can eat inside or outside the restaurant, or also by the pool.

In district 7

Anna Sanctuary Wellness Spa is located alongside the river in district 7. There, you can enjoy the spa (Jacuzzi, Steam-bath and Sauna), as well as the gym and the outdoor swimming pool. The deckchairs are at disposal on the grass. Tables and chairs as well, to enjoy lunch or snack. It costs 120,000 VND to use the pool during weekday, and 150,000 VND during weekend. Towels are included in the price.