When it is not the rainy season, you might be a bit fed up of doing always the same thing on and on, going to the same restaurant on and on. So, what about doing a picnic ?

Where to go ?

  • Vinhome Central Park, it is a huge park, not crowded at all for the moment, alongside the river and the view to Bitexco. Best spot ever, moreover when it is the sunset time.

  • Van Thanh Park on Dien Bien Phu just before the bridge to go to D2
  • The park next to the Crescent Mall in D7

What to buy and cook ?

  • A pique nique does not go without wine, the best will be a bottle of rosé (a classic Côte de provence, France, for example :)))
  • Charcuterie and cheese from Annam Gourmet but from to the cut not from the fresh food department (You can find some Vietnamese charcuterie, good and cheap, Camembert cheese is a must have)
  • Foie gras, paté, rillette
  • Bread from Voelker or Saint Honoré is a must. Eating cheese and charcuterie with Banh mi is just a food “faux pas”
  • Olives from Thai Hoa or Phuong Ha on Ham Nghi street. You can also find all the ingredients to make your home-made dip Tzatziki (with chips, it is super good)
  • Fruits and vegetables right next to Thai Hoa store, on the Ton That Dam street
  • A bottle of water is always welcome
  • Home-made mini salted cake olive tomato, easy and quick to do (all ingredient can be find at Thai Hoa store).
  • Home-made taboulé

What to bring ?

  • Tablecloths, bedsheet or anything to cover the grass
  • Wicker basket to carry your stuff (It is more chic than a plastic bag)
  • Cutlery and glasses (Or you can eat with your fingers and drink from the bottle)
  • Some candles for nighttime picnic, (Real add-value of any romantic picnic)
  • Bottle opener
  • Napkins
  • Books, after eating relax and read