We often heard about coffee shop but not often about tea house. We have found this amazing place, completely out of the ordinary, Villa Royale in Thao Dien.

Villa Royale is a fantastic corner of paradise for art lovers and tea amateurs. David J Campbell, the owner, decided four years ago, to open a store based on an all-new concept in Vietnam: an ideal blend of a teahouse and an antique store. His beautiful mansion with garden and pool in Thao Dien is a haven of peace and serenity; away from the hustle and bustle of the city and his millions of motorbikes.

 tea at villa royale

David succeeded in the challenge to create a harmonious setting with pieces from all cultures and all periods. Here you can find side by side, an old wooden statue of the Madonna from Spain, a Victorian chandelier, a traditional Thai mask, a two-century-old chest and a contemporary Vietnamese painting.

tea at villa royale

At the crossroads between a curiosity cabinet, an Ali Baba’s cave and a museum;Villa Royale is the result of the intense and impassioned work. Just as a treasure hunter, each item has been found and meticulously chosen by David during his trips around the word; who constantly replenish and enrich his shop.

Let yourself be tempted if you find something you like, everything is for sale and to suit all budgets!

On another note, you can also go there to eat or have a drink. Villa Royale offers an excellent choice of sixty red, white, yellow, green, blue and black teas from Singaporean brand TWG; which can be accompanied by a delicious slide of cake. Maybe you would like to have lunch? No problem! Here you can find baguette sandwiches, salads and European or Mediterranean main courses and a good selection of wines from France, Italy, New Zealand and Australia to go with. Food is entirely homemade.

Villa Royale is definitively an one-of-a-kind and exceptional spot in Saigon!

Price: from 140,000 to 260,000 VND for food, from 80,000 to 130,000 VND for a glass of wine, 95,000 VND the pot of tea, around 100k for a slide of cake.

By Ninnog

Credit  by Ninnog

tea at villa royale