Sewing can become for some people, a great hobby.

For those who want to make stuff, experiment doing new things, you can start doing your own clothes, or like me, making your own pillow cases! It is a good start and it is very easy.

So first of all, where to get the material you need, to start sewing?

You have several markets that sell fabrics, however I recommend Tan Dinh market on Hai Ba Trung street in district 1 because it is simply the only market in the city center.

The market is divided in few parts, you have street foods, stuff for the kitchen and house, ingredients & dried food, and then fabrics.

You will need to find the stall N°144 to find fabrics like linen, it is where I have found mine to do my pillow cases, its is good quality and they have also pretty nice colors. The meter of Lin cost me 70,000 VND.

If you are looking for other fabrics, you can show a picture to the sellers and they will help you to find the right stall that sells it, it is what I did when I was looking for black tulle.

After finding your fabrics, you will need to buy sewing materials such as, meter, ruler, chalk, needles, nursing pins, sewing thread, elastic, scissors, etc. It will cost you 100,000 – 130,000 VND.

When I went there, I was also looking for gold buttons to replace those of my black jacket, in order to customize it and make it more sophisticated but I could not right the right ones. Right next to this stall selling sewing material, you will find wool.

Then, if you are looking for a sewing machine you can either go on Lazada or NguyenKim (prices start at 2,900,000 VND) or you can check on Ho Tung Mau street where you have plenty of appliances’ shops.

If you are interesting in more hobbies, you can also make your own garden at home.

sewing in saigon