Vietnam offers amazing scenery for road trips, yet why not cross the border and head to Cambodia?

The Mekong Delta has amazing landscape, and is highly photogenic.

Where to get a bike?

If you don’t feel like taking your bike along, you can easily rent one. You may get in touch with Dragon Bike, or Saigon Scooter Rental. You can also contact Anna, ‭+84 93 6188440‬, who will deliver the scooter at your door, or Mr Motorbike + 94 90 277 4401. They usually charge 100k/ day.

The journey

Getting out of Saigon can get quite hectic, so plan on leaving very early (around 4 am is ideal) to avoid the trucks as you’re hitting the road. The first 70 km are not very pleasant, but all the rest is beautiful

For the detailed itinerary to Ha Tien, where you’ll be crossing the border, do check out this amazing website!

Once in Ha Tien, head towards the border. If you left Saigon at 4 am, you should be reaching Ha Tien by 2/3 pm.

Tips on crossing the border:

As you cross the border, you’ll need to get your visa. All you need is a valid passport (at least 6 month validity), an ID photograph and 35$.

It’s best to have your motorbike’s paperwork as well (or your rental contract), as they may ask you to justify your means of transportation.

Park your bike at the 1st check point to exit Vietnam, then park it again at the Cambodian checking, and head to the visa office. Unless you arrive at the same time as a tourist bus, it’s quite quick.
Just fill in the document, get you visa, as you head out get your entry in Cambodia stamp, pick up your bike and head out.
There’s a last check point before officially entering Cambodia, then you’re good to go!

Cambodian Border to Kampot:

Once you’ve crossed the border, heading to Kampot is quite simple as there is only one road leading you there

You can easily split your journey into two, by stopping either in Chau Doc, or in Ha Tien, if you find that it’s a bit too long.

Have fun, the landscape is amazing!