There is a ton of lists about where to have brunch in Saigon. Which list should you trust and which place should you go? Difficult to answer. When your lazy-bones mode is ON, the best idea it is to make your own brunch AT HOME.


To make your home-made brunch successful, you must have the right partner. Marketoi is the right one. First of all, you need to order on everything you need. This article will tell you where to buy your bread and pastry but I recommend Voelker at first choice. Don’t forget to order eggs, jam, butter, smoked salmon, cream and fruits. Thirty minutes after, you should receive your order from Marketoi. You can also read about the 5 applications to know when you live in Saigon, this article will also explain you how to use the application.

Nothing is better than a real fresh juice, so if you dont have your juicer yet, you can get yours on Lazada. The juicer Philipps as below is very good, small and easy to clean, costs 1,100,000 VND.

If you have the chance to have local street fruits and veggies vendors, you can buy local apples (roughly 30,000 VND the kilo), ginger (10,000VND a piece) and pineapple (12,000 a piece not yet cut). This is a recipe for a fresh juice and will help you to get full energy. With that you can get fill in 2 or 3 glasses.

So you have now, pastry and bread, eggs, fresh juice, you are missing the coffee. You can choose to have instant coffee but you can also choose to have yours French press. To use it, you just need to mix hot water with coffee, press and serve. On Lazada, the French press costs roughly 200,000 VND.

(All recipes bellow serve 1)

Mango Ginger Lime


Cut your mango in half, remove the sead and throw it in the juicer. Add in a thumb size piece of ginger and a lemon cut in half.

You can add honey to sweaten it, though the mango itself should do the trick


Cucumber Spinach Apple


It might seem a little odd to put in some vegetables, yet the apple with bring a soft touch and you won’t even notive you’re drinking spinach.

Put one cucmber, a hand full of spinach and an apple cut in half… You’re good to go ! You can also add some mint or some parsley for even more vitamines.


Carrot Pinnaple Turmeric


Turmeric is well known for it’s health benefits, and only a small piece is enough.

Take 2 medium size carrots, ¼ of pinnaple and a 3cm long turmeric root.

You can also add half an apple if you want it to be sweeter.


Water Melon Passion Fruit Kale


Water Melon is so popular in Vietnam that it’s a very easy fruit to find. Passion fruit will add some acidity and the kale some healthy twist.

Take about 150grs of watermelon, 2 passion fruits and a hand full of Kale. You can also add a lemon and some honey to taste


Banana Papaya Coconut


Coconut water is excellent for re-hydration, and best had after a fitness workout, and so are bananas.

Peal the banana, add a ¼ of papaya fruit and poor the coconut water until you get a smoothie texture.