Lunch – Atelier des Reves


When people ask about French restaurant in Saigon, there are so many. So many different kind of French restaurant, different range, different ambiance and different quality. Atelier des Reves is different by its uniqueness. Atelier des Reves is a raffinate cuisine at affordable price in a modern and simple decoration.

It is a very nice surprise to discover this French restaurant run by a Vietnamese chef speaking very good french.

The place located on 20/5 Ky Dong in district 3, is well decorated, bright and modern. They have an indoor and outdoor.

The menu is great, they serve Beef Bourguignon and other traditional French dishes in a well presented plate.

In term of price is around 300,000 VND for a main course and around 150,000 VND for a glass of wine.

It is great to find such a quality restaurant in district 3 as most of the French restaurants are in district 1 or 2.

This is perfect for a lunch or dinner with friends, family or a business meeting.

So it is not too late to try Atelier des reves.


Lunch Atelier des reves Saigon

Lunch Atelier des reves Saigon

Lunch Atelier des reves Saigon


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