Well established in Saigon, you will probably miss your food products from your home country or even may face the difficulty to find imported products. Here are the gourmet grocery stores that you should know to find what you need.


They have 3 shops on 58 Ham Nghi (next to each other, and one more and bigger shop on opposite side) are local stores selling imported products only. This is a real paradise on earth if you are looking for all kind of western products. You can not find vegetables such as asparagus, yellow lemon at the local Vietnamese market; but you will find it there. They have numerous choices for olive oil, tomato sauce, pasta and so on. You can not compete in term of price, they are way much cheaper. You can also find there all kind of spices for roughly 5,000 – 40,000 VND the bag. They sell Nespresso capsules, puff pastry, cheese and whipping cream but can not be really sure that it would be really fresh. On the first floor, you will find whatever you need to bake all kind of cake. It is really the perfect place for cooking lovers that don’t want to spend too much money. Lots of Vietnamese people shop there as well as foreigners.


Nam An Market has 3 shops all over Saigon. They sell organic products, as well as cheeses, cold cuts, fresh and frozen meats, and other grocery products.

Address: 21 Thao Dien street in district 2 / 303 Nguyen Van troi street in Tan Binh / 6 Nguyen Thi Minh street in district 1.

where to find grocery stores in saigon


Annam Gourmet on Hai Ba Trung (District 1), on Thao Dien street (District 2) or Saigon Center (District 1) is a very well-known gourmet grocery store. This is where most of expats people go to shop. You can find a large choice of champagne and wine, fruit and vegetable, fresh meat and seafood, condiment and so on. Annam Gourmet has the largest choice of cheese and cold cuts, offers the best quality at competitive prices (Not more expensive than the other places, maybe cheaper).


An Phu Supermarket is on on Thao Dien street (District 2) is a supermarket where you can find all food and products for the house. They sell puff pastry, yellow lemon and whipped cream. You will also find there some spices (but not as many as at Thai Hoa and much more expensive). Baking soda, pasta, cereals, coffee and cheeses are also available there. And if you are a cheese lover, you can check where to have baked camembert, here.

where to find grocery stores in saigon

where to find grocery stores in saigon


The shop is on 18 Tran Ngoc Dien inside the Papagayo restaurant in Thao Dien. This gourmet grocery store sells very rare products such as endive, asparagus, truffle oil, bottles of wine, cheese and meat. It is all high quality products.