For those who love cooking, or are into “Zero Waste” trend,  cultivate your own veggies is a great thing to do.

You can get wooden cases from any wine shops if they have, and you should not pay for that. Or you can also use glass pots like the Bonne Maman jam ones. Then you need to put a plastic bag in the wooden case bottom and cover it with the soil that cost about 25,000 VND for a bag of 8kg, and it can be 60,000 VND for a very good one. The more dark it is, the better. Then you plant the seed that costs about 10,000 VND a bag. You have a shop on Quoc Huong street in Thao Dien – district 2, at the crossroad with street 41 & 65. You also have few shops on Tran Nao street, also in district 2. However, you can also find seeds and soil at Big C at the fruit & vegetable aisle.

For the decoration:

  • You can get some slates at the stationary/decoration shop near by the 68 Le Loi street and it costs around 14,000 VND each.
  • Or you can go to Uncle Bill on Thao Dien street in D2.

For the wooden floor:

  • You can order from Natura on 141 Street N.5 in Binh Thanh district. The piece is 40,000 VND. Free delivery in district 2. The bunch of gardening tools is 136,000 VND. They offer other services such as vegetal wall, you can check their website here.
  • You can order from Van San Go Ngoi Troi. It is 30,000 VND a piece, with free delivery in district 2. They can cut the wooden piece if needed, in order to fit your balcony properly, and it costs 100,000 VND more only. You can check their Facebook here.

For the white rocks:

  • You can go all along Dien Bien Phu street, from number 250 to 440, you have plenty of shops where you can find white rocks, with different size. A bag of 12kg should cost you 45,000 VND.