Dinner – Les 3 Gourmands


If you wish to keep going with your culinary experience, and after having experimented a dinner at La Villa French, Les 3 Gourmands located in Thao Dien, district 2 and is for sure, also one of the best French restaurant in town.

With a same range of price and standard with La Villa French, Les 3 Gourmands makes the difference thanks to its large choice of dishes. You will have to pick between 10 and 15 dishes per course.

The menu starts at 1,100,000 VND (TVA and service charge excluded) for 5 courses: Hors d’oeuvre, starter, main course, cheese, dessert.

The hors d’oeuvre it is truffe scrambled eggs and very delicious.

For the starters, they will serve a Crayfish Raviolis and Scallops Mashed Potatoes Truffle. They only serve one kind of bread that goes with butter.

For the main courses, we had Rabbit Red Wine Sauce and  Fish Fillet Chorizo Sauce.

After the main courses, they served us different kind of homemade cheeses, that were more most of them similar to goat cheese with different flavors (truffle, almond or fine herbs).

The desserts were already too much, so we picked up some kind of light nougat ice cream.

At the end of the dinner, they served us some digestifs such as armagnac and cognac which were very welcomed.

Also, if you like sweet white wine but not too sweet as Montbazillac, I recommend you to take Coteaux , it is a very good one.

les 3 gourmands saigon

les 3 gourmands saigon

les 3 gourmands saigon

les 3 gourmands saigon

les 3 gourmands saigon

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