When you are getting lazy bones, the only solution is a delivery service that can shop for you whatever you need, at your doorstep. Here are the 3 delivery services to know if you want to get whatever you want without moving a finger.


This is the most convenient delivery service in Saigon, operating in English. You can literally order anything and everything at anytime. The delivery service fee is usually 30,000 VND and operates from 8AM to 9PM. Whenever you order, the service is pretty fast; of course, it depends on how many items you have ordered, from how many different places, and how far is it. But usually, it can take 30min for small order and you can be sure that they do their best to make it faster. They focus on food, household and restaurant.

If your items are not listed in their catalogue, you just need to message their operation staff through the website platform or on their Whatsapp  number 0126 449 2309 (if you have already ordered before and they have your contact details) and they will buy for you whatever you need. They make life so much easier by being such flexible. Marketoi is the service to use if you need ANYTHING, RIGHT NOW! In other words, they make everything and every order happen. You have the website and the app, to order anytime!


This is also a very convenient app and website operating from 6AM to 11PM. It is all in Vietnamese so make sure you have someone to assist you. You can search and order any food (lunch combo, food from restaurant, street food, drinks and desserts). This is if you want to eat now.

You also have the possibility to let DeliveryNow go to the market for you to buy your fresh food, meat, seafood, snacks and so on. They also can go shopping for you to buy your makeup, vitamins, diapers and many other things. They make a huge different by offering a flower and laundry delivery service. And finally, through DeliveryNow, you can also book a cleaning service which is very convenient.

The delivery fees depend on how far is it from you. 1 kilo-meter costs 5,000 VND. As soon as you order, you can track the shipper to see where he is. As Marketoi, the delivery time will depend on what you order, how many different shop you have ordered from, and how far you are. DeliveryNow has the largest items catalog but it is not possible to order out of it.


This is the delivery service to use if you want to make sure your food will be transported in good condition. Operating in English and Vietnamese, this is the service to use if you are ordering fresh meat and food, because they have a motorcycle delivery box to make sure your food is well kept fresh. Expect to pay 20,000 VND per shop and 25,000 VND if you wish to have your order within an hour. Chopp is more convenient if you want to plan your order (later today or tomorrow). For example, you want to shop everything you need to fill up your fridge at once, and want it to be delivered when you got home, you place the order and choose the slot time you want.

If you want to know more about the application to know to make your life easier in Saigon, check our article here.


This is an online Gourmet Delivery Service offering top branded products such as Larnaudie, Moulin du Calanquet or Isigny Sainte Mère. You will find product from different category: The Butcher, The Fishmonger, The Baker, The Cheesemaker and many more.

They deliver in district 1,2,3,4 and 7, after work (from 6-9PM) and weekend (from 10AM-2PM) to ensure you will be home to allow fresh products to stay fresh! The delivery fee is 30,000 VND, free for order above 400,000 VND.