Coffee at The Open Space


Hidden in a little street of District 3, The Open Space on 232/13 Vo Thi Sau street is a peaceful, cozy and pleasant coffee shop with a little garden.

coffee at The Open Space

Decoration is beautiful and tasteful, with wooden and iron minimalist design furniture, in a lush green setting.

Dedicated space for peace of mind and concentration, you can bring your books to work while drinking a good coffee. For those who want to use a computer, you will find a really good Wi-Fi and enough wall sockets to plug your computer anywhere.

 Staff members are really friendly, discrete and helpful. Everything is done there for you to feel like home!

You can find there a variety of tasty homemade desserts to go with your drink; mousse, cake, flan and several flavors of cheesecake (passion fruit, oreo, strawberry…).The choice may vary depending on what they have recently cooked.

coffee at The Open Space

On their menu are classical beverages like teas, fruit juices or Vietnamese and Italian coffees (between 40k and 65k).  A slide of cake will approximately cost you the same price. And if you are gourmand, you also can buy an entire cake, 16 or 18 cm large (around 500k). For larger appetites, there are different formulas with a main course (burger, spaghettis or sausages), and hot or cold beverages.

A second spot is located in Phu Nhuan District along the train track. This 2-storey house, area is as refined as the first shop, but without outdoor area. The second floor comprises a big bright lounge with large windows almost all around the periphery of the room; which provide a lightly relaxing atmosphere.

If you want to cook, The Open Space proposes bakery workshops. It is a good opportunity if you would like to cook your own cakes according to your tastes. Everything you need is provided: ingredients, utensils, recipes, and instructor if needed! Or, you are able to only hire the kitchen if you want. It is also possible to privatize the space for receptions organisation. Or enjoy natural light and home decor for photo shooting.

By Ninnog

Photo Credit: Ninnog

coffee at The Open Space

coffee at The Open Space

coffee at The Open Space




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