We all have been feeling very bored in Saigon (at least one time). So here are activities and hobbies you can start to overcome boredom.

Pottery class

Located on 402/19 Le Van Sy street in district 3, Meow Pottery workshop offers workshops pottery from Tuesday to Sunday. They have 4 sessions per day (morning, afternoon and evening) lasting 90 minutes or 180 minutes. Individual fee starts at 90,000 without baking and glazing fees for 90 minutes. Baking fee depends on the size of the product and glaze fee is 30,000 VND. You will need to book the 180 minutes if you wish to make and decorate at once. Pottery class for group is also available but need to be booked one week in advance. The fee starts at 180,000 VND.

Sewing class

The workshop is taking place in Thao Dien (District 2). What you will need is to bring your own sewing machine or borrow from a friend. You can also buy one on Lazada for around 4 million VND

Book a Basic Sewing Class, all level/beginner:
– Know your machine, Stitch, Thread & Clean
– Seams & Hems
– Zipper
– Pockets

If it is the first time for you to attend group class, the fee will be 300,000 VND.
1on1: 2 hours for 450.000 VND per person
2-3 people: 3 hours for 400.000 VND per person
4-5 people: 3 hours for 350.000 VND per person

You can check their Facebook page here.

Or if you are gifted, you can also learn by yourself by watching tutorial on youtube (we have tested already)


Dance class

The best place to learn or practice dancing is Dancenter in district 2. They teach Ballet, Belly dance, Cabaret fit, Contemporary, Fundamental dance, Flamenco, Jazz, Piloxing, Tap and Zumba. See the schedule here. In term of fee, it is not a monthly subscription. You will need to pay a card with number of classes. Cards are from 10 to 40 classes, depending on your assiduity but you can also choose to book one by one class if you are not sure. Introduction fee is 150,000 VND for one class and 775,000 VND for 5 classes, it is a great opportunity to try on every kind of dances to make the right choice. For 12 classes, it will be 2,700,000 VND and see all the tuition fees here. You can also get the member card at 500,000 VND in order to get 10% discount.


You have many places to play tennis, mostly in d2 but also on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai in district 1 next to the muppet show theatre. In district 1 is always more expensive so count 400,000 VND to book the tennis court for one hour after 5PM. In district 2, the tennis court on 65A Xuan Thuy street in the Thien Nga compound is 100,000 VND before 5PM and 150,000 VND after. You need to book in advance. If you have friends living at Tropic Garden, it would be much easier to book, also it is free. To get your material, you can go at the sport store on 53 Tran Nao street. A racquet will be about 1,000,000 VND, balls 80,000 VND and grip 90,000 for 3.


At the Landmark Building on Ton Duc Trang 5B, you can play Squash. As it is very central, price goes up and you need to expect to pay roughly 500,000 VND to play squash. Squash racquets are available for rent.


A place to play Badminton will be at Thanh Duy on 477/45 No Trang Long street in Binh Thanh district. You need to book each time you want to play. Count 70,000 to 80,000 VND the court for an hour. If you wish to take Badminton lesson, count 300,000 VND for an hour in Vietnamese. Regarding the material, it is not expensive. The racquet starts at 120,000 VND. In words, very affordable activity to start if you get bored in Saigon!!


You can play at RMIT or Masteri in district 2. You can buy all the stuff you need at Decathlon. Roughly 800,000 VND for the t-shirt and same for the short. But feel free to go somewhere else. You have a sport store on 53 Tran Nao street, very cheap price. To play, some places are free, some are with fees, and you need to pay about 50,000 VND.

Book club

Check the group Thao Dien Book Club. They often meet among a glass of wine and talk and exchange about interesting books. The meeting takes place at Indika on weekday.



If you like speed, this is for you. Nothing better than a karting session with your friends. You can go to VinaRacing on 582/12 Huynh Tan Phat street in district 7. You can book a sprint session of 5 minutes for 125,000 VND.


You can go to Ban Cung Saigon – Saigon Archery on 4 Pham Ngoc Thach in district 1. Lesson sessions will be on Monday and Wednesday from 7.30-8.30PM for 500,000 VND  for 7 lessons.