Saigon Lifestyle Guide is a website dedicated to expats community and Vietnamese to help them living in Saigon; a city that is constantly growing and changing. Saigon Lifestyle Guide is a living guide providing tips and ideas about where to go, what to do and where to buy anything you need.


Saigon is fast changing, new spots open everyday. The choice is there and yet, it’s so hard to find the right places, to shop, or go around. Where to get nice and comfy bed sheets? An affordable glass of wine? A unique weekend getaway? Those simple questions are actually hard to answer. With the language barrier, the lack of information and the ever changing scenery, it’s hard to keep up.

It is fundamental to feel home wherever you settle; frequently, people ask around for an answer, look for a guide that will simplify their lives. Saigon Lifestyle Guide is here to share daily ideas and updates to expats and Vietnamese about their city. As simple as that, we help make the lives easier for everyone to feel at home in Saigon.


Serving as a guide, our articles answer the questions most people think about when living in Saigon. What can I do this weekend? Where can I buy this and that? And where should I go out of the city?

This seems to be constantly the same questions but it is fundamental questions when you are an expats or a Vietnamese, because most of Vietnamese people come from other province of Vietnam.

Our articles provide honest information, pictures, itineraries, prices and tips. All in an easy to read and catchy English writing, to help our readers find the places that deserve to be known.


“I created the blog in March 2017, because I wanted to share my knowledge about lifestyle experience in Ho Chi minh city as expat, with people around me. First of all, SLG is something made with passion and love, I just naturally enjoy sharing tips and ideas with anyones interested. I want to be concise and straight forward, I don’t like bla-bla. I guess we all want to know: where, how much, for what, to whom. There is no commercial, it is just the pleasure to share what deserves to be known”