You may want to prepare a huge festin for your family and friends, make it as much as you can a Christmas like you used to do at home, so here are where to get your roast turkey and other poultries, and your indispensable Christmas log!

Turkey and other poultries:

Annam Gourmet: The price of the turkey is according to the weight and costs 590,000 per kilogram. You need to order 24H in advance at any Annam Gourmet shops in town to get your turkey ready for the big day. You can have more info by checking their catalog here.

Equatorial Hotel: They offer roast turkey (from 2,650,000 VND for 5-8 people), Smoked beef brisket, peppercorn sauce, grated horseradish (3-4kg) for 3,250,000 VND. The VAT is included in the prices and delivery is free. See more here.

Pendolasco: For Christmas season, they can deliver a roasted turkey that comes with cranberry and gravy sauce and a selection of veggies: roasted potatoes, almonds broccoli and honey glazed carrots. The price is 450,000 VND/kg, you need to add +5% service charge to it. They also have honey glazed ham leg for 6 to 8 persons and comes with pineapple and with gravy sauce for 2,250,000 VND (+5% service charge). More info here.

Smoked Salmon and Fresh Oysters:

La Poissonnerie: The shop is on 39 Thao Dien street in district 2. They have a large choice of fresh fish such as seabass, if you prefer to have seafood for Christmas. From them, you can order fresh oysters, opened or not, per piece or per box. You will find below the prices, starting at 45,000 VND per piece and up to 100,000 VND for imported fresh oysters clair de fine.

Chanh Bistro Rooftop Saigon: They are happy to help to get you fresh oyster to take away. It will cost you 25,000 VND per piece. The oysters are from Nha Trang and you need to order in advance. You can contact them on Facebook or call them directly.

Christmas logs:

Annam Gourmet: Still in their catalog, they offer the christmas log for 450,000 VND for a cake for 6-8 people.

Marou Chocolat: They offer individual part of Christmas logs for around 115,000 VND. However, if you would like to have a bigger cake for about 8 people (they have only one size which is 70cm), it costs 800,000 VND, VAT included. They don’t delivery and you need to pay a deposit before to secure the order.

Saint Honoré: They have individual log for 63,000 VND, and Christmas log cake for 8 people starting at 600,000 VND and up to 800,000 VND.

Voelker: The 6 people log cake is 328,000 VND and the 8 people is 424,000 VND. The cake needs to be order 24H in advance.

If you are not keen to prepare a dinner at home you can also check places where to celebrate Christmas here.