Living in Saigon can be complicated, luckily we have here plenty of entrepreneurs that have launched useful apps that make our life easier in here.


It is THE application for all the lazy-bones. You can order whatever you want from the application (they have fruits & vegetables, drinks, bakery and food from restaurants such as Mc Donald’s) and if it is not referenced in their catalog, you can contact them via Viber and make your order directly to them. The delivery fee is 30,000 VND and can be 50,000 VND depending on how far you are.

How to use the application:

Step 1: Sign in, put your address of delivery and schedule your order (can be now or later)

Step 2: You go through all the different categories

Step 3: You add products in your shopping cart. For all product, you can see from which stores is from and for the fruits and vegetables, you have the prince per weight.

Step 4: You check your order and checkout.

You can also order through their website.

The operation manager will contact you as soon as they receive your order to check if it is correct (address, time of delivery, products ordered). In case the product is out of stock, they will contact you to let you know and offer you an alternative. They also send you picture of the product to make sure it is the right product you want (It is the case when you order via Viber).

I highly recommend this application because it is convenient (If you are having a huge hangover, you will be happy to know that you breakfast will arrive soon; if you have scheduled it), they are flexible meaning that you can order from any place you want (From the local market for example, where the fruits and vegetables are much cheaper than in the supermarket, as long as you know where it is) and it’s quick, delivered within 30min.


Need to moving out/in soon or just need to carry big and heavy stuff? Ahamove is the solution to avoid taking a taxi or rent a car. It is very convenient and cheap.

Step 1: Sign up by inputting your phone number, gender and date of birth.

Step 2: Input your identification code you have received by text message.

Step 3: Enter your location (where they need to pick up your stuff).

Step 4: Enter your destination + name, phone number and note for the person receiving the stuff if any. If its you, just put your name and number in case.

Step 5: Choose between, motobike, tricycle, truck 500kg or truck 1,000kg.

Step 6: Select if you need help to loading/unloading and move help upstairs, schedule it if needed and book.

You can also use their website to order their service here.

The SIP app

An app that offers one drink everyday in the best places in Saigon. It is a good way to discover the nightlife of Saigon with good deals. If you often go out after work, this is for you. Save money while having fun and know more about the newest restaurants and bars in Saigon. You get one free drink per day for 14,99$ per month. When you sign up, the first week is free. Try the app now –>


If you like going out or have to for, business purpose, Wisepass offers you a monthly membership at 6,000,000 VND where you can get every day a bottle of spirit at their partners’ places such as Namo, Cuba la casa del mojitos; but also lunch at Qui lounge.

It is definitely the app to use if you need to be well connected. They often organise successful networking events in collaboration with their venue partners.

Wisepass offers for sure, great deals and advantages, so go for it!


This is the most convenient app if you need to get a maid. Don’t need to post on Facebook anymore, bTaskee is here whenever you need to clean up your house. The app is available in three languages: Vietnamese, English and Korean.

Step 1: Select the language

Step 2: Sign up with your Facebook account or email address

Step 3: Select the service you need (cleaning, AC service, laundry or cleaning)

Step 4:  Enter your address details, select the duration according to the superficie of your place. If you choose the cleaning service, you can also add-on services such as ironing, cooking or ask the maid to bring cleaning supplies. You can also mention if you have a pet.

Step 5: Add your contact details and payment. You can pay by cash or by credit card.

With this app, it is more flexible, you just book when you need. But you can also book a cleaning service with subscription, and book the same maid 2, 3 times or more per week.


New in the city and don’t know where to find the food you want? Or just too lazy to explore and need a food guide? DeliHoli is a very convenient app where you can look for any dish you are looking for, or any place according to the purpose.

Step 1: Sign up with your email

Step 2: Search by food or by purpose

Step 3: Select what you are interested in eating, select nearby or area according to what you want.

Step 4:  Click on “Find now”. The app will list out all the places around you that serve the dish you have been looking for. Example: Bo luc lac

Step 5: Click on the place you are interested in. You will find the address, more pictures and a list of other dishes.