La crêperie restaurant is well-known in town to serve the best galettes and crêpes as good as in Bretagne in France. They just reopen in a brand new place, on 98-O le lai in district 1. They serve galettes, crepes along with cider that you drink in a small bowl, and now, they also serve pizza! What a surprise!

Mr Ya Bon Café in Thao Dien has opened few months ago, right next to Buddha bar. It is a quite small place with indoor and outdoor where you can enjoy salted and sweet crepes, and also waffles. In term of price for example, the salted galette with pear and roquefort is at 180,000 VND.

4 places to have a buckwheat crepe

Cork & fork – crêperie and wine is located in the city center, on 3/1 De Tham street. It is a small restaurant that offers salted and sweet crepes. It will be the best deal ever, just 70,000 VND for a egg, ham and cheese crepe. They also have cider if you would like.

Saint-Honoré is Thao Dien as well serves galette sarrasin with egg, potato, bacon, mushroom, onion, béchamel sauce and mozzarella with mixed salad for 175,000 VND.

The Refinery on 74 Hai Ba Trung street, has a galette for around 110,000 VND. It is a very simple one with potatoes and cheese only served with salad.