So a while back, you moved to Saigon. You found yourself a house to share or a serviced apartment, but now, you’d like to move out and find yourself something closer to work, or in a more quiet neighbourhood…


Although moving can be an exciting experience, getting around in Saigon can sometimes feel overwelming and you don’t really know where to start or how to organise yourself.


Finding your new home


Although facebook is a great way to post adds and see what’s available, you might want something a bit more reliable.

Here is a selection of serious and professional website you can brouse to find your new place :

Also check the Facebook’s groups such as, expat in HCMC, Housing in Saigon and so on. You will find plenty of this kind of group.


Packing up your things


You can get boxes of various sizes over here:

  • On Nguyen Du and the crossroad with Hai Ba Trung street in district 1. The big box costs 40,000 VND.
  • On Nguyen Tat Thanh and the crossroad with Ton Dan street in district 4. The big box is 20,000 VND, 1 meter of bubble paper is 10,000 VND. They also sell tap. If you go from there forward to the district 1, you will find another shop selling carton box, on the same street.

The good thing about this place is that you can also get bubble paper to wrap anything of yours that’s fragile.




For transportation, we highly suggest the app « ahamove », who offer different types of vehicules depending on how much stuff you need to move.

The app works exactly like « grab », and you can choose different options, such as having the guys come at your place to collect the boxes (and drop them off at your new location), or just having them picking it up from the ground floor. You can learn more about this app in the article 7 apps to know when you live in Saigon.


Settling in


As you settle in, you might need some more furniture or just want to re-decorate your new home.

For getting some wooden furniture done, there is a full street in District 5 (Lê Quang Dinh) that does only that, and they also deliever. They mostly work with pallette wood, and you can sketch out what you want for a custom made shelf.

If you want only palette or make simple wooden box, like for example for your dog or rabbit, they can make it for you.

You can also have a look over here or over there for some decorative shops ! And if you need to buy armchair, table desk, chairs or make shoes rack, read our article where to buy and make your own furniture.


By Nathalie Mulot