When you were in your home town, you had your habits. You watched your series, listened to your favorite radios and often read new books. So here are 3 ways to keep doing it and make you feel home wherever you are.

Download Tunein Radio on your phone

This is an app to listen to the radio of your country. Hundreds of radios in different languages are available: Vietnamese, Thai, Greek, French, Chinese, English, and so on. Wherever you are you can listen to your favorite radios. You also have access to audio books, podcasts and talks. Explore more and download the app now! It is also a good way to keep updated about news in your home country.


Get a kindle

Of course, nothing is better than holding an old book in your hands. You can find English books at Fahasa, French books at “La Librairie Francaise”, but the choice is not the largest. The good thing with getting a kindle is that you can get book from all over the world in about sixty different languages. You can be sure that the price wont be too expensive. On Lazada, you can find a kindle from 2,150,000 VND. Then you just need to create or link your Amazone account to purchase the book you would like to read.

For French speakers, you can download magazines and recent books here.

Get an Apple TV

Through your Apple TV, you can watch series on Netflix, watch the newest movies available on Apple Store, play youtube videos and documentaries. It is a good way to chill at home, feel comfy watching TV. The Apple TV is available on Lazada, starting at 3,800,000 VND. Netflix account is about $10.