3 places to buy or make your furniture & deco


When you are well established in Saigon you may want to make your home more your home by decorating with your own taste, so here are 3 places to either buy or make your own furniture:

  1. Maison Décor: Their boutique is on 10/3 Trần Nhật Duật. They propose more furnitures such as big desks, sofas, console tables and armchairs but they can literally make whatever you want to make. Basically, you just need to send them a picture of what you would like to make, give them the dimensions and color and they will make it for you. You can contact them via Facebook or via Meme app (It is how I got to know them). There, I ordered this pink armchair that cost me 2,400,000 VND + 2 pillows same pink for 200K each and I also asked them to print and frame 6 pictures of different sizes. It cost me 1,100,000 VND for 6 frames (printing included) for 4 format A3, 1 format A4 and 1 frame 70cm x 50cm.

buy decor in saigon

buy decor in saigon

buy decor in saigon

2. The Paper:  The store is located nearby Maison Décor on 27/27 Trần Nhật Duật. They offer more small furniture like shelves, lamps, clothes racks and small deck like on the picture below.  I bought there the table for around 1,000,000 VND, the chair for 800,000 VND and the black rack for 350,000 VND. The quality is very good. The delivery was about 50,000 VND to district 2. You can contact them and have a look at their catalogue on Facebook.

buy decor in saigon



3. Weekend Décor: This one is more specialized in wooden furnitures and offer mirrors, sofa tables, desks and cabinets. I contacted them via Facebook, sent them a picture of a shoes rack in wooden, they told me they did already this kind of rack then gave me their price which was 1,400,000 VND + 50,000 VND for the delivery. Good quality and good price. More info here.



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