Lot of work, you often don’t have enough time to eat. Or, you might be fed up of having lunch at the same places. Here are 3 company that offer meal plans. You can order your breakfast, lunch and/or dinner, depending of your need (body-building, diet, vegetarian and so on).

Fit Food

From 550,000 to 900,000 a week, Fit Food offers 4 different packages. You choose between full package (3 meals per day), Fit Package (2 meals per day), Meat Lover (2 meals per day) and Vegetarian (2 meals per day). You can easily check the menu here. In addition to your weekly meal plan, you can add some extra drinks and snack for roughly 150,000 VND. With Fit Food, you can easily (with an extra cost of 50,000 VND), change ingredient or change your meal (breakfast on Monday, Dinner on Tuesday, and so on). The shipping is free in the city center (D1, D3 and D4) and from 50,000 to 70,000 VND for the other districts.

3 Meals plans to have your food delivered everyday at work

3 Meals plans to have your food delivered everyday at work

Smart Meal 

You choose between plan I (3 meals per day for one week) or plan II (2 meals per day for one week). Then, you choose between Low-carb diet, Healthy-eating diet, Body-building diet or Vegetarian Mealplan. For each of them, you choose the amount of calories you would like. For example, 2 000 calories per meal, 2 meals per week is 800,000 VND. Delivery is free depending on where you are, it is up to 25,000 VND per day for the delivery. You can not order in the middle of the week, if so your meal plan will start from the next Monday.

8020 Fit

8020 Fit are one of the best meal plan but also the most expensive one. Behind the name, you have professionals nutritionists that carefully follow your diet. You can book an appointment with them to better understand your need according to your objective (loose weight, gain muscle, healthy life, and so on). They will guide you and also provide you dietary supplement that you may need (for example, OMEGA 3). Bear in mind that their job is to help you reaching your objective and they do care a lot about their products’ origin.

You choose between Vietnamese or Western food. Here is no MSG or additives, preservative free, low in sodium & sugar and all reviewed and tested by our Weight Loss Specialists from NASM. For 2 meals per day and 1 400 calories per meal is 365,000 VND per day. You get more discount over 15 days of ordering meal. On their website, you also can have access to the menu of the week.

They are also eco-friendly and collect your used plastic boxes to reuse it. It is nice to see them being eco-resposible.


If you are still wondering where to have lunch, you can have a look at the article about set-lunches high-class under 200,000 VND in district 1.