While living in Saigon, you will probably have to attend or organise birthday parties, farewells, anniversaries, work promotions and so on. There is so many reasons to party in this city but when it comes to what to do there are not so many options. It is always the same things, going to a restaurants/bars and end up somewhere at the club. Here are 3 ideas about how to throw parties in Saigon.

Saigon Boat Company –  Spending an evening differently in Saigon

Have you ever wanted to spend an evening with a twist?

Saigon Boat Company provides private boats to take you on a 2 hours cruise along the Saigon River. This is the only company that allows you to party on the boat with up to 27 people and providing food and beverage with an attractive price. This is the perfect plan to throw parties.

All you need to do is contact them and book your date and time.

Depending on the number of people on the boat, you will have to pay the 2 hours rental boat at 6,000,000 under 14 people or 7,000,000 for up to 27 people.

3 ideas to throw parties in Saigon - Saigon Boat Company

3 ideas to throw parties in Saigon - Saigon Boat Company

Once it’s settled, you have few options for food and beverage:

  • Free flow 2 hours of food and drink for 500,000 VND/ pax that includes bruchettas, chicken panini and so on.
  • BBQ option for 750,000 VND including 2 hours free flow beverage (beers, wine and soft drinks).
  • You can just order directly with the guy on the boat, whatsoever you need. Prices are pretty fair, for example the beer is 40,000 VND only.
  • Or you can bring you own picnic and pay a small fee for the food and the drinks you bring. They provide you with the glasses, cutlery and everything you need for it as well!

3 ideas to throw parties in Saigon - Saigon Boat Company

As the boat can carry a maximum of 27 people, so the more you are, the better the deal.

It’s an excellent way to spend quality time with your friends as you’re all alone on the river, away from the noise and when you’re living in Saigon, a bit of silence is much appreciated!

It also gives you a very different point of view to the city, and you get to see it in a way you don’t when “on land”.

Ms. Hanh – Director of Saigon Boat Company,  speaks very good English, which makes it easy to communicate for non- Vietnamese. You can contact her by email: info@saigonboatcompany.com or by phone +84 (0) 909 844 813. Check the website here.

Don’t need to bring your speakers, you just need to plug your phone and play your own music. They also have toilet onboard too so it is very convenience!

You’ll have a great evening, for sure!

By Nathalie Mulot

But if you have the seasickness, here are more ideas that might fit you!

A Chic Garden Party at Mad House

When it is not the rainy season, it is always nice to spend evening time outside. The weather is pretty fresh therefore you are not sweating too much. I believe Mad House is the perfect place to throw parties; especially if you organise a garden party because they have a quite big garden where they easily set tables and chairs.

Also, if your guests may have different budgets, Mad House is a good option; its not expensive at all and it is an excellent value for money. If you ever organise your party there, their staff are very good and professional. You just need to feedback what you would like to order, how you would like the event flow to be, how you would like to pay the bill. They will do the set up and decoration for you, they are very helpful. So yes, it is a just a dinner in a restaurant, but it is an unique garden, with good price; and depending on the flow you would like, it can be very unique.

And to make it even more special, you can make some flower crowns, it is really easy to make!

how to throw parties in saigon

how to throw parties in saigon

A Private Party in the heart of Saigon

If you would like to do something more central, Namo Artisanal Pizzeria is a good option. On the top floor, they have a space that can accommodate up to 50 people. The free flow 1H is at 350,000 VND ++ and if you have a little craving you can order food directly to the restaurant. The room has its own bar that ensures privacy, and it makes this venue yours. If you would like to put music, they have sound system at disposal with no extra fee. This idea is a good option if you would like to warm up with your friends and head to some other places nearby.

3 ideas to throw parties in Saigon - Namo Artisanal Pizzeria

3 ideas to throw parties in Saigon - Namo Artisanal Pizzeria