Some people need chocolate to cheer up and some people need cheese. And it is not impossible to find baked camembert here in Saigon

For cheese lovers and people having cheese obsessions, here are 3 places to get a baked camembert:

Saffron is a small mediteraneen restaurant on Hai Ba Trung street, right in front of Annam Gourmet. The baked camembert is really good and not too pricey, costing 230,000 VND. The restaurant offers a complementary glass of procesco as a welcome drink, and bread and dips such as tapenade, houmous and marinated garlics. Saffron is also a good place for lunch, they have a good deal for lunch, see more here.

where to get a baked camembert

Quince Saigon – Eatery is an amazing place in district 1, not far from Chill Sky Bar. The place has a trendy and clean decoration with a stunning open kitchen. You can watch the cooking show from anywhere, it is fabulous. They serve baked camembert for roughly 320,000 VND. The camembert is from 4P’s.

Or if you ever want to make it yourself, you go at Annam Gourmet to buy a camembert Le Rustique or President for about 250,000 VND, or order it directly on for a quick delivery within 30 min wherever in HCMC. The camembert is not going to be much more expensive than the fresh cheeses. You will need to wrap the camembert into foil paper, add some honey, thym and put it about 15 min in the oven. You can make your own recipe, this is just a suggestion. Dont make it with a cheap cheese, it wont taste good. If your cheese is now too old and strong too be eaten, bake it.

where to get a baked camembert