If you have your family and friends visiting you in Saigon, you may have check our article about the 2 ideas to discover the city differently than going on a very touristic tour. We would also like to share another idea of what you can do if you dont know what to do to entertain your family and friends. A cooking class is a great idea to discover the Vietnamese culture, as the cuisine is a large part of it. There are plenty of dishes to discover and some of them are inspired from the French cuisine. So here are 2 cooking classes to join if you are looking for an activity to do your family, or if you are just passionated about cooking.

Saigon Cooking Class by Hoa Tuc

First of all, HOA TUC is a very well-known Vietnamese restaurant in the heart of the old manufacture of Opium on 74 Hai Ba Trung street. The name means Opium Poppy and they have been doing cooking class for about 10 years. Their cooking class is from Tuesday to Sunday, with 2 sessions per day (one in the morning, starting at 10AM, and one in the afternoon, starting at 2PM). During the class, you will cook and enjoy 3 dishes, 1 dessert, and free flow local iced tea and water.

Here is the weekly menu of what you will learn if you join their cooking class:

The cooking class without the market tour is $39,5 or 893,000 VND and for  kids (from 7 until 12 years old) is $25 or 565,000 VND.

The gourmet cooking tour that includes the visit of the Ben Thanh market + the hands-on cooking class, is only in the morning, and it is a MUST-DO! You meet the Chef Ms. Ly at the market at 8.45AM, and altogether you go through the market to buy what you would need for the cooking class. It is great because, alone you might miss a lot of interesting stalls that deserve to be discovered and you get a real input from a local person. She explains lots of interesting things about the Vietnamese cuisine, she also gives some good tips if you are vegan. It is a wonderful and different experience not to miss, even if you have been living here for such a long time.

This tour is $45 or 1,017,000 VND and for kids (from 7 until 12 years old) it is $28 or 633,000 VND.

After the market tour, Chef Ly will bring you to the cooking class by taxi, it is only 5 minutes from the market.

Arrived at the cooking class located above HOA TUC restaurant on 74 Hai Ba Trung street, you will find an open kitchen, a long table where you will practice your cooking skill and a long table where you will actually savour your own dish right away when it is done.

One class is up to 12 people, so as soon as everyone arrives, you will start the cooking class. Chef Ms.Ly is great and funny, she can teach you a lot, don’t hesitate to ask questions. It is a lot of fun and you will use few traditional Vietnamese kitchen tools to cut the veggies. Dont need to be a cooking expert, so no pressure ! This cooking class is perfect for everyone, and all dishes have been elaborated in order to everyone can easily join it, and above it all, enjoy it !

Also, beside the free flow of iced tea and water that is included, you can also order wine, beer and soft drinks if you wish, it is roughly $5 for a glass of wine.

At the end of the cooking class, they give your a nice folder with all the recipes that you have cooked, for you to practice at home or just to keep it as a souvenir. And if you could not finish all the food you have been cooking, you can ask to take it away at home to share it with your friends. Also, if you would like to buy some souvenirs, they sell cooking tools that you have used during the session, the Saigon Cooking Class Apron, and many other products such as coffee, jam and so on.

Book now by email contact@saigoncookingclass.com or visit their website, you can get 10% discount for 2 people booking 1 cooking class and 1 street food tour each.

GRAIN by Luke

GRAIN Cooking Studio is located on Level 3, 71-75 Hai Ba Trung street in district 1. It has been launched by Luke Nguyen, a well-known Australian chef that is recognised as a food expert all over the world.

The cooking class at GRAIN is maybe less touristic and more high-end and technical.

They have class from Monday to Saturday, with 2 sessions per day:

It costs $48 per person including 4 dishes with a professional instructor and certificates and recipes.

Here are the menus, you pick the one you would like to try and they will tell you when will be the next session.

They have 2 studios:

The studio 1 is smaller and can accommodate 16 people max in hands-cooking. If it is for a team building with the master chef concept, then, it will accommodate 20 people max.

The second studio which is bigger, can accommodate 40 people for the hands-cooking and 60 people for a team building.

If you wish to have a private class, it will cost $85 per person and you should be 4 people minimum.

In addition to the hands-on cooking class, you can make a market tour (1 hour before class) for an extra $15 per person.

You can order wine at anytime during the cooking class, and if you’d like, you can also add-on the matching wine that includes 3 glasses of wine to go with your 3 dishes. It will be an extra $24.5 per person.

During the cooking class, you are here to enjoy but you are also here to really learn. Like a classroom, you have your instructor on stage in front of you, and ranges of tables for the guests. First, the instructor shows you what to do and then you have to do it. Of course, he stays by your side to assist you if needed. The cooking class at GRAIN is definitely an exceptional and unforgettable experience, a very unique concept in Vietnam. So if you have friends and family who are passionate about cooking, and you are looking for something less touristic, more technical and top-end, GRAIN is where you MUST go.

At the end of the cooking class, you will get your certificate and the recipes of what you have been cooking. They have a boutique where you can get their nice apron and other cooking tools. This is a fabulous experience not to miss. To book, send an email to cooking@grainbyluke.com or visit and sign up through their website.